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Have You Lived Here All Your Life? "...Not Yet."


Tales of unbridled freedom, coming of age, mischief, reckless youth–all intertwined with grown-up stories of life as a house painter, parent and all-around townie. 

Rick dispenses plenty of wit, a good dose of wisdom, and a few lessons learned. There are old friends, new ones, heroes, knuckleheads, smart alecks, baseball, hockey, football, local bars, hangouts, fishing trips, road trips, Lazy Bastards Breakfasts, etc...

It's all here. It's life in this special town.
$20.00 plus $3.00 shipping

The Great American Small Town.

Columnist, writer and lifelong resident, Rick Ohler, captures the fun, spirit and magic of growing up and raising a family in this enduring upstate village of East Aurora, New York.

​"An onotological breakthrough. The deconstruction of neo-classical themes in the post-modern tertiary quadrant of the American millieu shines the light of literature on us all."​
The Goodleburg Book Club

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